It is year four at the University of Toronto, and the fourth is the best. At this point, I understand how it works, there are familiar faces, and I can apply the skills I’ve been gaining into actual work. I have just finished week 2 of the fall semester, and it been great.

It seems that all the students from the Jordan field school this summer who are continuing studies at the St. George campus, downtown Toronto, have very similar schedules. My classes this semester feel like a mini Jordan reunion. The real union is next month.

I’ve been employed by the university in the Near Eastern Civilizations department to work in the lab. The lab co-ordinator, Stan Klassen, will be giving me projects throughout the year. This week I started on creating a database for the artifacts brought back from el-Qom archaeological site in the Southern Levant from the 1971 field season. I have finished putting the information in excel and will soon photograph each individual object. This way, the collection can be visited electronically and it will make it easy to retrieve an item of interest.

Although everything has been going well this week, I was (extremely) happy for Friday to arrive. This weekend has been planned with many catch-ups, as well, plans for a trip to New York for new year’s eve is underway…


About Lisa

Here is a snippet about me. I'm a born and raised city-girl from Toronto, Canada. I've now reached my 21st birthday (90s baby) and am making my way through university while traveling when I can. My trusty Canon Rebel is my favourite companion, and I will use this blog to share photos from my adventures. I have traveled to Greece, Italy, England, Serbia, Jordan, South Africa, Hawaii, Quebec, Nova Scotia, Arizona, Florida, and New York City. When I am in my home city, Toronto, I am continuing my studies at the University of Toronto for a degree in Archaeology. I have been part of archaeological projects in Madaba, Jordan and at Wonderwerk, South Africa. I am going into my fourth year at U of T and then see where life takes me.
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