Traveling thoughts

It is mid-term season at university. Well, actually I think that ‘season’ has passed, but for some reason, the work is still piled high – for us all. Two weeks ago when it all started, I would get together with others from class to study and I could just feel how burnt out everyone was. Last week was a rush from here to there, running with coffee, red-eyed, and many nights (and mornings) spent finishing last minute work. Wait, that is this week too. But what is different about this week is that I think we are all in some way or another, clinically insane.

My mind is in over drive. For some reason, I am not tired anymore, even though its been 5 hour night sleeps. All. I. Do. Is. Think. Which I guess is not a bad thing. But, seriously, the thoughts going on in my head when riding the subway to and from campus each day are driving me, well, shall I say, insane?

Monday, while waiting for my interchange train, I was thinking about how and why we evolved from a hunter-gatherer way of life. Let’s not think about picking berries and hunting bison, but the way of life where everyone lives communally. Everyone shows up on this platform alone, coming from their own house they own, but don’t let anyone inside. All these separate lives that we don’t know about, but are probably very similar to us. I thought how different things would be if we did not own separate houses, that that was not the way our society was organized. Humans are very social creatures, so why do we live in a segregated society?

Tuesday on my walk to work at the lab, I was looking at the people who over dress and juggle expensive gadgets. It is 8am and I am at a stop light next to Ms. Drastic Make-up and Mr. Perfect Hair. When do you have time for this? But there are many in jeans and a sweater. I may not have a “Mr” “Ms” name for them, but I couldn’t imagine a less interesting personality. Putting all the time into how others see you for the few seconds the crosswalk countdown allows is not as important as putting the time into a person’s values, wit, and grace. Less outside you is more inside you.

This evening taking the subway train home, I was distracted from reading my book. The man sitting next to me was playing a nintendo, or something of the like, and the pew pew sounds were blasting from the small device. He was replaced by a girl playing the bubble game on her touch screen cell phone. Across from me was an elderly man doing the same thing. There are so many unproductive things people do. As a few examples: angry birds, farmville, stupid viral youtube videos, and reality tv shows. Humans have a large brain capacity, but is the amount of knowledge we can fill it with too much? Do humans need to do mindless things to keep sane?

Looking at the ridiculous things I just wrote, I think we do.


About Lisa

Here is a snippet about me. I'm a born and raised city-girl from Toronto, Canada. I've now reached my 21st birthday (90s baby) and am making my way through university while traveling when I can. My trusty Canon Rebel is my favourite companion, and I will use this blog to share photos from my adventures. I have traveled to Greece, Italy, England, Serbia, Jordan, South Africa, Hawaii, Quebec, Nova Scotia, Arizona, Florida, and New York City. When I am in my home city, Toronto, I am continuing my studies at the University of Toronto for a degree in Archaeology. I have been part of archaeological projects in Madaba, Jordan and at Wonderwerk, South Africa. I am going into my fourth year at U of T and then see where life takes me.
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