Putting on a show in Jerash

Putting on a show in Jerash

Jerash is a beautiful Roman city in Jordan filled with theatres, temples, and columns. It is a fairy large site, but surprisingly, only about 15% of the original city has been excavated. I ran into a fellow archaeologist from the University of Copenhagen who I had met the day before in a tea shop in Madaba who gladly shared the history and current excavations of a mosque that undergo Jerash. The photo is taken inside one of the ampitheatres.


About Lisa

Here is a snippet about me. I'm a born and raised city-girl from Toronto, Canada. I've now reached my 21st birthday (90s baby) and am making my way through university while traveling when I can. My trusty Canon Rebel is my favourite companion, and I will use this blog to share photos from my adventures. I have traveled to Greece, Italy, England, Serbia, Jordan, South Africa, Hawaii, Quebec, Nova Scotia, Arizona, Florida, and New York City. When I am in my home city, Toronto, I am continuing my studies at the University of Toronto for a degree in Archaeology. I have been part of archaeological projects in Madaba, Jordan and at Wonderwerk, South Africa. I am going into my fourth year at U of T and then see where life takes me.
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